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As an expert in Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques in Toluca Lake, CA, I am uniquely qualified to eliminate allergies for my patients using carefully applied, clinically proven methods. NAET combines several medical disciplines including chiropractic, acupuncture, allopathy, nutrition, and kinesiology to convince the body that allergens are as harmless as they, in fact, are.

Understanding the way that the NAET method works requires some background in the medical process behind allergy treatment. Allergens, like pollen, are not harmful to the body, but an allergic person’s immune system responds to their presence as if they are. Western medical treatment typically uses drugs to lower a patient’s immune system response to a level where it no longer responds to the allergen’s presence.

Evidently, lowering your immune system activity is not an optimal solution for allergy elimination. This leaves your body vulnerable to all kinds of other infectious pathogens that your immune system was designed to stop using the allergic response. NAET allergy eradication operates on the central nervous system, essentially convincing the body that this particular allergen is innocuous, leaving the body free to fight disease at full strength.

Examples of allergens that can be successfully treated using the NAET method include:

• Bee stings
• Pollen
• Seafood
• Peanuts
• Milk
• Eggs
• Soy

If you would like to enjoy a consultation with me about your allergies, and discover how NAET Allergy Elimination can help you live an allergy-free life without having to force your body to accommodate to unnatural drugs, simply call me and schedule an appointment.

I offer excellent rates for allergy eradication through the NAET method, so feel free to contact me today!

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