Asthma Treatments

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Asthma is a devastating condition for anyone to live with, and while western medicine offers life-saving relief in the form of the inhaler, this treatment does not address the root cause of asthma the same way NAET does. Patients of mine who receive asthma treatments in Toluca Lake, CA consistently report better results than those who live with the condition and regularly use inhalers to deal with attacks.

My special asthma treatment has been proven to reduce asthma attacks in most individuals. Even better, it does so in a natural and completely holistic way that makes use of no drugs, produces no side effects, and is completely safe for people of all ages.

In many cases, my asthma treatments have been shown to eliminate asthma entirely, even in individuals with very advanced cases of asthma.

Due to the combination of emotional healing, NAET, and Traditional Chinese Medicine and proven acupuncture treatments, my patients consistently report better results than other treatments. If you have had to live with asthma until now, chances are you have tried more than one treatment. Make mine the last you need!

I provide individualized treatment designed specifically for your needs, so call me today and gain relief!

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